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2 Nov

Finding Accommodation in Nairobi – Helpful Tips for the Frequent Traveler

We have gathered important information for the next time you travel to Nairobi, whether for business or pleasure. There’s certainly no shortage of places for accommodation in Nairobi. But finding the perfect place to stay can be frustrating, especially at that time of the year when everyone seems to be on the go. Sometimes the cheapest hotels don’t offer an incredible service and you’re left wondering what made you sign up after all. So here’s a list of things to look out for the next time you are booking a resort, hotel or lodging anywhere in Nairobi.

Find out more about the Nairobi hotel

Before you book a room with any Nairobi hotel, it’s important to do a little due diligence to find out more about the space you are about to pay for. Will you be able to access public areas like a hospital, restaurants, or attractions in Nairobi if you stay at the hotel? How convenient is it for you? You can only find out if you search for more information about the hotel online.

Call the hotel

Sometimes the information you get online may not be updated so make sure you call the hotel directly and find out more about the rates and any other features highlighted on the website. It would be nice if you confirmed if the extras such as Wi-Fi are still offered by the hotel as stated on the website.

When you call them to confirm rates, you will have credible information which you can use to compare with other options for accommodation in Nairobi.

Accommodation in Nairobi

Ask about the total cost

Have you ever been given a higher rate than what you expected at check off? If you are an experienced traveler, this is probably not new to you. What you can do to avoid such a situation is find out what is included in the rate that was quoted for you.

Additional costs may arise due to things like parking, laundry, internet among other extras. To avoid these unpleasant surprises, ask your hotel to list for you what is included in the package you are paying for.

Do not brush off the small hotels

You can find the best accommodation from small hotels that don’t appear top on major search engines. Some of these small hotels offer the best accommodation because they want to expand their customer base by offering an exceptional service to all their guests.

You may even call them and get direct access to the manager or owner which gives you a better opportunity to negotiate for a nice discount. But make sure you find out more about the hotel before making reservations.

Accommodation in Nairobi depends on your needs

The type of accommodation that is appropriate for you will depend on your unique needs. For instance, if you are a smoker, it’s important to note that some hotels do not permit smoking within the rooms. Others have special rooms for smokers. If you are travelling with kids, it would be important to ask the hotel to confirm if they have special rooms for families. Staying in an apartment as opposed to a hotel when travelling with your family can be more comfortable and affordable, but it all depends on what you prefer.

Advance payments for Nairobi Hotels

This is something you really need to be cautious about. Before making advance payments, find out everything you can about the hotel, including the possibility of a refund if you have to cancel. Read all the fine print and don’t rely on the information given to you verbally. If it’s not in writing, it will be hard to prove.

Opt for accommodation packages

Travel packages usually help you to save on different aspects including the cost of accommodation in Nairobi. You can get a package that covers the cost of hotel, airfare, food and car rental at a very attractive fee. The good thing with travel packages is that most of them can be customized to suit your unique budget. However, make sure you clearly understand what is included in a travel package before signing up.

Places with cheap hotels in Nairobi

There are certain neighborhoods in Nairobi that have cheap hotels and lodges. We would recommend that you shouldn’t base your decision on the rates alone. In many cases, a price that is underquoted gives a lot of room for disappointment. Consider things like security, proximity to certain places as well as the level of customer service offered at the hotel.

As much as it would be nice to save half of your travel budget on accommodation, you need to spend a reasonable amount of money to enjoy a good stay at a hotel in Nairobi that values your service. So make sure you think twice prior to booking hotels in Nairobi especially in areas that seem unsafe.

Nairobi Hotels - Accommodation in Nairobi

Places to compare hotels in Nairobi

Since everything has gone digital, there’s no need to visit one hotel after the other asking for their rates. There are online platforms that list numerous accommodation options in Nairobi from hotels to apartments and lodgings, you will have a wide array of options to choose from.

We suggest that you start with an online search if you don’t know anyone who can recommend a place for you to stay. Alternatively, ask your friends and neighbors to recommend some nice hotels and lodgings in Nairobi for you to consider.

You can also read online reviews of clients who have used different hotels and lodgings in Nairobi just to get an idea of what the public opinion is regarding a particular place. Don’t brush off a nice hotel because of a single negative review.

Proper timing is key

Last but not least, the best way to save on your accommodation would be to visit Nairobi during off peak season. Kenya’s capital is usually busy all year round, but it’s tougher to find cheap accommodation in Nairobi at certain times of the year especially during the holiday season.

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