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What to Expect from Luxury Hotels in Kenya
6 Jan

What to Expect from Luxury Hotels in Nairobi Kenya

What’s your definition of a luxury hotel? It’s really hard to tell what the hospitality industry regards as luxury mainly because people’s tastes and preferences really vary. Kenya has no shortage of luxury hotels. No wonder we’ve hosted reputable businessmen, state leaders and VIPs who haven’t stepped into any other African nation.

But since there are no set standards for luxury hotels in Kenya, we’ll come up with a list of our own to describe some of the aspects that exquisite hotels have in common.

The Most Exquisite Kenyan Hotels

What makes some people pay up to ten times the cost of an average hotel in Kenya? We all love good things and if money couldn’t be the deciding factor, many of us would consider the luxurious lifestyle. Luxury hotels in the country offer their clients amazing services that come at an added cost. We’ll look at a few of these extras below.

Luxury Hotels in Kenya

1. A simple and easy reservation process

Have you ever called a hotel and no one answers or replies your mails? There’s a high chance you weren’t calling a luxury hotel in Kenya. Five star hotels usually offer top notch customer service and they make their reservation process as simple as possible to ensure they don’t miss out on any customers. You can choose to call the hotel directly, book via a travel agent or through an online booking site.

2. Discreet checkin and checkout

There’s really nothing more frustrating than getting unwanted guests or stalkers in your hotel room. No wonder celebrities and VIPs prefer staying in luxurious hotels in Kenya.  The world doesn’t have to know which hotel room you booked when you travel. You can enjoy your privacy and get to spend time with the people you love while on holiday.

3. Minimal delays

Imagine queueing for hours waiting to check in at a hotel. This is hardly going to be a problem when you decide to book a luxury hotel. They understand that waiting is every traveler’s nightmare and review their check in process to ensure guests don’t wait for more than 10 minutes upon arrival to get to their room.

4. Perfect views of Nairobi

Luxury hotels in Nairobi have some of the best views of the city you’ll ever come across. You get to choose the type of room you want, whether you prefer a higher floor or a lower one and there’s a high chance that the building will have an elevator. If you have special requests like a smoking or pet friendly room, they are ready to fulfil your requirements. Just remember that it all comes with an additional fee.

City View from Nairobi Hotel

5. Enhanced room features

If you want a room that strikes you immediately you enter, book one of the luxury hotels in Nairobi. They come with features such as high quality furnishings that are meant to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The hotel room will not be noisy since they ensure any A/C or generator is situated far from where the guests sleep.

The rooms have soundproof walls, fresh air, beautiful artwork and clean walls that make everything appear fabulous. The bathrooms are beyond luxury with more than enough counter space, huge storage cabinets, a huge tub, prestige toiletries and fluffy towels.

Hotels in Kenya that resemble paradise

When you stay at a five-star hotel, you expect the staff to be friendly and professional. They greet you whenever they meet you and are willing to go an extra mile in order to make your vacation count. Housekeeping doesn’t disturb your privacy or use dangerous cleaners that leave you with a myriad of allergies. These beautiful hotels in Kenya offer the complementary touch you need while on vacation.

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